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Modest Fashion in the modern world is difficult to find. Keeping up with the trends of today can be fun yet challenging as the fashion world gets more and more advanced. We at After Moda, a Chicago based company, will get you all the help you need in the modest fashion department. In the U.S, there is an abundance of stylish and latest fashion wear however when it comes to people who dress modestly, there are no outstanding options available. Inspired by the intense lack and development in modern fashion, we set out to change this mindset.

Talking about the trends nowadays, the growth of modest styling has been remarkable. Even though there are only a few stores that are founded on the sole concept of modest fashion, many suppliers have now started to stock their outlets with a separate division for modest attire.

Typically speaking, the local markets promote modish styling over modest ones – having the fear that they might not do well with modest designs. It is a usual outlook about dresses that only the sparkly fashionable designs are endearing. However, that is not entirely the case. Many people support and buy modest styles that are less revealing and portray a spiritual taste of fashion. Not only does it promote decency but also a personal preference.

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It might be a myth that decorous dresses are not tasteful or up to the mark. Although there are a variety of examples of how chic modest outfits can be. Modest costumes can include long skirts, flappers, palazzo, full sleeves shirts, and many other sophisticated designs depending upon the abilities and fashion sense of the designer and the choice of the customer.

We are dedicated to providing the most affordable, trendy, and comfortable pieces of fashion items with a large and stylish collection. Our products are influenced by the trends of Korean, Western, and Eastern wear. It is truly a one-stop destination for you to find the most chic and gorgeous fashion items for your closet. The styles you will find here are never boring or out of date, they are always fun, chic, and classy.

With broad categories for women to browse through and great availability of sizes ranging from extra small through to plus size items, here is a sneak peek at the collection that we have in our online shop:


Long and classy dresses are available in a wide range of designs and fittings. A top pick is the Satin Wrap Maxi Dress which is ideal for any occasion as it is made of gorgeous satin material, available in beautiful shades, and is modest, yet super fashionable. Check out our dress collection for more inspiration.


The tops we deal with are all concealed and loose-fitted with a sensible design. We have turtlenecks, O necks, silky blouses, Turkish long style, tunics, and baggy shirts. All of them are perfect for the modest look in your mind. Do visit our tops section for the latest arrivals.

Sweaters and Cardigans:

Embrace winters with sweaters and cardigans that portray decency and a formal aura, nowhere behind in the trends. We have luxurious long length cardigans, kimono cardigans, vests, and sweaters. The fabric of sweaters are solid, and all of them are available in distinct colors. Don’t miss out on all the agile and beautiful winter essentials this season and the future ones.


Skirts are the most adorned fashion item for a modest dressing woman, take a look at this Chiffon Pleated Pencil Elastic Long Skirt which is just a perfect piece for any wardrobe and goes well with any top. Checkout our skirt collection for more variety.


Hijab is a sign of graciousness and spirituality. We believe that everyone has the right to dress up comfortably per their preference. For that, we have a stylish range of scarves and hijabs as well. Our variety includes viscose, wrinkle chiffon hijab, and silk hijab. Don’t forget to check out the hijab and scarves collection.    

This was just a preview of what our shop can bring to your wardrobe. There are many other forms of clothing you can buy from us. We have a vast range of designs, each of them representing our mission of creating modest and affordable options for the modest woman out there.

Now is the right time to change your stance about modest outfits and give our store a visit. Our variety and designs won’t fail to amaze you. Shop with us now and dress à la mode!

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