How To Look Fashionable While Dressing Modestly!

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Who said that modest fashion has to look boring? This is not like 15 years ago when it was difficult to shop for modest clothing at the mall. It’s the complete opposite, you can dress fashionable and express your individuality while looking modest at the same time.

For those who are struggling to get ideas and inspirations, here are our top 3 tips and tricks on how to dress modestly:

1. Experiment

Fashion is all about experimenting with colors and styles while venturing out of conventional fashion patterns. For example, try mixing a lime green long sleeve top with light purple jeans and pair the outfit with a chiffon hijab to complete the look. Also, experiment with retro fashion! High Waisted Palazzo pants are totally IN these days! Pair your Palazzo pants with an oversized button up blouse with your favorite platform sneakers to give off that vibrant and edgy look.

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2. Accessorize

Think of it as the cherry on the top to compliment your outfit. Let’s say you have a party to attend and the only outfit you have is a plain dress. By adding a couple of accessories (rings and bracelets), you can transform your ordinary outfit into something glamorous in minutes.

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3. Back to Basics

Basics will never go out of style. A classic must-have is a basic long sleeve button down blouse, this item is evergreen! You can mix and match the button down blouse with jeans and wear it during a night out with friends or for business zoom meetings.

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It’s time to stand out and make a statement with these modest fashion tips!

We are excited to hear back from you… comment below and share some of your modest fashion tips & tricks.

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